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UFO-1   1920's-'30's Czech Glass Propeller
C-170   1920's-'30's Czech Glass Stylized Leaf Crescent
BU-2   1940's Art Deco Style Crystal Button
C-236   Amazing Vintage Reverse Intaglio 1939 World's Fair Glass Cabochon
C-19   Amazing Washington D.C. Landmark Stone
UFO-7   Angular Antique Czech Art Deco Stone
C-137   Antique Czech Art Nouveau Wildflower Stone
HP-AMXHP   Antique Victorian Amethyst Glass Hat Pin Top
WT-18   Brilliant and Colorful Vintage Butterfly
CA-66   Charming Old Czech Intaglio Nautical Cabochon
FL-13WY   Choice of Romantic Vintage Handmade Porcelain Roses
C-SMFLR   Choice of Sweet Vintage Floral Cabochons
GR-4   Circa 1930's Czech Leaf Border Ring
GR-5   Circa 1930's Czech Tiny Leaf Border Ring
C-RDWHT   Colorful Vintage Czech Glass Tapestry Cabochon
FI-3   Decorative Bellcap
C-369   Delicious Vintage West German Ribbon Swirl Cabochon
C-307   Divine Little Vintage West German Diamond Dome
P-83   Elegant 1920's-'30's Czech Art Deco Drop
C-382   Elegant Vintage Czech Glass Oval Stone
C-234   Elegant Vintage Czech Onyx Glass Oval
CA-79   Elegant Vintage Glass Ancient Soldier Cameo
C-JDCOR   Elegant Vintage Hand Carved Jade or Coral Cabochon
C-213   Elegant Vintage West German Cabochon (30x8)
C-213-0020   Elegant Vintage West German Cabochon (30x8) -Turquoise
C-21   Exceptional Czech Etched Crystal Edwardian Stone
P-131   Exotic Old Art Deco Leaf / Feather Pendant
CA-24   Exquisite Genuine Signed LIMOGES Porcelain Portrait Stone
CJ-3   Exquisite Old Crystal Teardrop Stone
P-219   Exquisite Vintage Crystal Cross Pendant
A-17   Extraordinary Glass Art Nouveau Koi Fish Stone
CA-75   Extraordinary Old Horse & Rider Cameo
A-6   Fabulous Antique Pug / Bulldog Head Cabochon
C-254   Fantastic Vintage Art Deco Floral Shield Stone
C-264   Fantastic Vintage Czech Persian Carpet Stone
P-47A   Fantastic West German Crystal Tiger Pendant
CA-19   Fine Classical Figure Intaglio Stone
LB-21   Fine Vintage Art Deco Glass Leaf Stone
C-314   FLOWER POWER !! 1960's Vintage Wildflower Stone / Tile
A-16   Funny Little Vintage Glass Dog Cabochon
FB-16   Glistening Czech Morning Glory
C-309B   Glorious Vintage 1960's Exotic Butterfly Stone
C-309B-0001   Glorious Vintage 1960's Exotic Butterfly Stone - #1
CT-5B   Hand Crafted One-of-a-Kind Junk Yard Dog Sculpture - BINGO
CT-5BU   Hand Crafted One-of-a-Kind Junk Yard Dog Sculpture - BUTTONS
CT-5D   Hand Crafted One-of-a-Kind Junk Yard Dog Sculpture - DOMINO
C-309   Hand Made 1960's Vintage Tropical Bird Stone / Tile
C-309-0015   Hand Made 1960's Vintage Tropical Bird Stone / Tile - 17
C-349   Handcrafted 1960's Vintage Bird or Butterfly Stone
P-81   Impressive Antique Czech ART DECO Teardrop Pendant
CC-2   Impressive Old Chandelier Crystal Drop
P-26   Jewel-Like Vintage Art Deco Teardrop Ring
P-NOUV   Lalique Inspired Antique 1920's Czech Glass Pendant / Stone
P-72   Luminous "Antique Pink" Pendant
P-35   Luminous German Crystal Heart Drop
C-354   Luminous Vintage Magic Carpet Cabochon
C-HEMFLR   Magnificent Vintage Hematite Glass Violets Cabochon
C-278   Most Beautiful Vintage Pastel Swirl Cabochon
U-371   Old Czech "Carved" Flying Goose Glass Stone
MB-9   Old Czech Glass Emperor/Mongol Head
C-58   Old Czech Sculptural Flower Bouquet Stone
FL-11   Precious Little Vintage Glass Flower Bud Stone
P-ETCHBR   Rare Antique 1920's Czech Etched Glass Pendant
C-302   Really Charming Vintage Ribbons & Bow Stone
P-RSHRT   Romantic Vintage West German Intaglio Rose Heart Pendant
CA-87   Sharp West German Jockey Cap / Crop Cabochon
MB-421   Shimmering Vintage Czech Satin Glass Bead
MB-38   Shimmering Vintage Iridescent Glass Shell
FI-7   Silver-Tone Pin Back
LW-8   Sparkling Translucent Glass Leaf on Wire
C-169   Spectacular "Germany-U.S. Zone" Starburst Stone
C-260   Splendid Old Onyx Glass & Rhinestone Art Deco Cabochon
C-280   Stunning Vintage Art Deco Etched Glass Stone
GR-10   Such An Unusual Antique Czech Glass Hoop
UFO-9   Superb Etched Glass Dancing Children / Three Graces Stone
FL-4   Sweet Vintage Swarovski Crystal "Gem" Flower
P-132   Tiny Faceted Antique Czech Crystal Drop
LB-7   Tiny Vintage Czech Art Nouveau Leaf
C-23   Tiny Vintage Glass Torch / Chess Piece
C-325   Unique 1960's Hand Made Ceramic Dimensional Cabochon
P-211   Unique Retro West German Cherry Pendant
C-266   Unique Sparkling Diamond Cabochon
C-75   Unique Vintage Czech Art Nouveau Peacock Cabochon
C-61   Unique Vintage Czech Curved Floral Spray Stone
C-278S   Unique Vintage Pastel Swirl Cabochon
C-352   Unusual Antique French Glass Cabochon
P-71   Very Old Baroque Opalescent Glass Pendant
HP-5   Victorian Feather Motif Hat Pin Top
C-315   Vintage 1960's Artisan-Made Butterfly Stone / Tile
P-220   Vintage Glass Garden Blossom Pendant
C-65   Vintage Shimmering Monarch Butterfly Glass Stone
CT-7   Wonderful Vintage Ducklings Bronze Sculpture
H-17   Wonderful Vintage West German Cupid Intaglio

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